Everything You Know is Wrong

TRKeske trkeske at aol.com
Fri Apr 24 22:04:55 EST 1998


Last time, I gave a reference for the "AIDS Dissident" movement that
is claiming that HIV does not cause AIDS.

One comment was that this group is just a bunch of cranks, who are
out to promote themselves.

Mind you, I am NOT giving an endorsement to the group.  They
are merely bewildering me, and I am trying to figure out what is
driving them.  I would have written them off as cranks, but it
is simply unreasonable to write off Noble Prize winners and
such well-qualified experts as "cranks".

It's pretty clear that these people are not just out to make money
from books and lectures.  Some of them have LOST hundreds of
thousands of dollars in research money because of their positions,
have taken major hits on their careers, have had books censored.

I recall one microbiologist who cynically thought that such
people must be making huge amounts in lectures, etc.   I was
once contacted by a group for "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome",
who wanted to know if I'd help raise money to get Leonard
Horowitz as a speaker.  They said he had "very high" speaking
fees.  I asked how much.  They said "$500".

I nearly laughed.  They thought this was a "high" fee?  They
had no concept.  Horowitz, mind you, is not of this "dissident",
group but carries the same undeserved stigma, for charging that
there are suspicious circumstances to AIDS origin (and there
certainly are). 

At any rate, it is simply untrue that there is fabulous money in
questioning conventional wisdom about AIDS.  It is a 
painful sacrifice, a professional and personal risk, most of the time.

At this early stage of investigating, I firmly believe that AIDS
is caused by a virus.  My best guess is that there are other funny
things going on to confuse the picture: treatments rushed out
for profit motive, when they aren't really safe, etc.

Another comment interested me: "I know that HIV causes AIDS,
because I have seen pictures of HIV invading T-cells".

This is a funny coincidence.  Prior to a couple weeks ago, I always
assumed the same thing.  Then, I came across an article about a
conference where Robert Gallo himself supposedly acknowledged
that HIV does not kill T-cells, directly.  Whatever damage is done,
is done indirectly, by unknown mechanism [1].

I read another article where a person was asking the very same 
question- How could HIV not be killing T-cells, when he had seen
a picture of HIV invading T-cells?

An artist's rendition, maybe, not a real picture?  Maybe the picture
was from the same folks who produce UFO pictures?

I did a double-take on this one.  A bedrock assumption about AIDS
being revised by Gallo himself.

The more that I read, the more that I find most basic facts being
contradicted.  The overall picture gets ever-more confusing.

Maybe it is a natural confusion, maybe it is an orchestrated confusion,
to keep us off the trail of things that we are not supposed to realize.
Maybe it is a byproduct of wartime propagandizing, as is so
commonplace in times of war.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.


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