Help ! HPLC : NADH/NADPH determination in bacteria

Emir KHATIPOV khatipov at
Sat Apr 25 04:27:30 EST 1998

I was trying to determine NADH and NADPH concentration in growing cells of
photosynthetic (!) bacteria by HPLC using published methods of determination
of these compounds in animals and plants, but I failed. The problem might be
that usual concentration of phototrophic bacteria in culture is about 2 g/l,
and this makes if hard to finally get measurable concentrations of NADH and
NADPH. Another problem is that bacteria I used contain much more compounds
than correspondent extracts from objects in published papers.
    Could anyone help me to locate any information on determination of NADH
and NADPH in bacterial cells using PHLC? I would even more greatly
appreciate if someone could share with me his own knowledge on the subject.

Please reply by e-mail if possible.

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