Is homosexuality innate???

TRKeske trkeske at
Fri Apr 24 22:13:11 EST 1998

If you're asking for proven fact, nobody knows.
If you're asking for opinion, everybody's got one.

There is significant correlation in identical twins,
but not perfect correlation.   There is lesser
correlation, but still noticeable correlation in fraternal
twins, which suggests genetic influence.

IMHO, I suspect that the conventional wisdom about
sexual orientation having a complex determination,
genetically or otherwise, is a biased assumption and
a fallacy.  There aren't "complex factors" that 
determine the physical plumbing- its a straightforward
on/off switch.

I suspect that brain wiring is separate, not
a necessary part of the package deal with physical
plumbing.   I'm betting it's also a simple on/off factor.
Heterosexuality/Homosexuality will turn out to
be a decision similar to right/left handedness.
Just an opinion, and I'm sure people have others,
but let's just place our bets and wait for time to tell.

I'm not a microbiologist, just a gay person who has
read about the subject for reasons of obvious

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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