Is homosexuality innate???

Jose Magueta joe.magueta at
Sat Apr 25 15:31:44 EST 1998

Hi Chris.  My name is Joe, and I'm neither a Microbiologist, nor am I
gay, so I do not speak from experience.  However, I have some gay
friends, and I am a student in biological chemistry with an interest in

The convention in regards to how much of a behaviour is genetic says
that up to eighty or ninety percent of who we are is genetic, with most
genes being expressed in a manner which reflects an organism's
environment.  i.e. a person can have "gay" genes, without becoming gay,
and vice versa.  This is not to say that there is a tremendous degree of
control on the part of the person.  So it is my opinion that
homosexuality is largely genetic with a kind of "buffer zone"

In regards to an alternate response to your query, which suggests that
homosexuality is an on/off type of gene expression, I would have to
disagree with that.  People are not either homosexual or not.  There is
what appears to be a spectrum of people from homosexuality to
heterosexuality.  There are people who are bisexual, and there are
people who spend much of their time being unsure, even though they have
had homosexual experiences.  This continuum suggests that there is more
than one gene which regulates homosexuality.  This is only possible if
the uncertainty of uncertain homosexuals is genetic, and not due to the
fact that they are just afraid to make the decision, or are undecisive

Yes I belive homosexuality is mostly genetic.
I do not believe that it is governed by just one gene.

Chris wrote:

> Well is it?

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of
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