Immobilization of microorganisms. An interest?

Olivier Favre-Bulle ofb at
Sun Apr 26 03:38:44 EST 1998

Dear Colleagues;

I am a research scientist dealing with immobilization of microorganisms. I'm
working for a french chemical firm and my contacts with other fellows are
quite important.
In my research, my aim is to immobilize cells to be able to use them in a
chemical process.
We learned quite a lot about the physiology of the cells during the
immobilization procedure.
Since we are surrounded by chemists, we learned quite a lot about the
mechanism of reticulation with gluteraldehyde which is a compound quite
often used.
During my numerous conversations with other scientists, I noticed the
interest of having a kind of News group dealing with immobilization. Peaple
think that there is no more to learned. That's wrong!
So, I proposed to start a discussion on the subject. Everyone who is
interested please contact me. I proposed for example
    - to create a E-mail list of peaple dealing with the subject,
    - to register all the articles and PATENTS (beleave me, this a hot
subject) peaple will send to the news group.

Thanks in advance to all responders

O. Favre-Bulle
Lyon, France
ofb at

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