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Tue Apr 28 11:15:11 EST 1998

Fred & Rachel Brusseau <rbruss at popd.ix.netcom.com> wrote in article
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> I don't know if anyone remembers, but I posted here a couple months ago
> wondering about what kinds of jobs that people with a BA in General
> Biology can get. Well....I have my 2nd interview tomorrow for a
> microbiologist position at a local hospital (my friend who works there
> says they are going to hire me). My job would mainly be inoculating
> plates, and running some lab equipment ... but I'm still really excited.


> Does anyone think a job like this could lead anywhere? I think most of
> the other people who work in the department are MT's, and I'm not ready
> to commit to another 1 1/2 years of school to get that certification.
> The job pays about $22,000 a year. Anyone in a similar field have any
> feedback?

Most of my former students with a B.S. eventually realized that they needed
more education.  That meant a Ph.D in the field or they went on to
Med/Dental school.  I will predict that you will (Hopefully) want to extend
yourself past the duties of you new position and want to learn more.  And I
hope that your employer will be supportive and give you more responsibility
as you learn the position.  I had a job just like yours while I was in
graduate school.

Another possibility is that it will prepare you for a position as a lab
tech in a basic science research lab.  This can lead to you learning many
more techniques and procedures IMHO.  Also, maybe you could get a biotech
position which usually pays more.

Good Luck   

> rachel brusseau

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