Bacteriology Questions

Yang Doo Suck microbe at DONALD.HANHYO.CO.KR
Tue Apr 28 21:52:57 EST 1998

On 27 Apr 1998, Andy Rossmeissl wrote:

> Why do bacteria produce antibiotics?  Isn't that kind of
> -- don't antibiotics kill bacteria?  I'm aware that they probably do
> to cut down on competition but won't their own antibiotic envetually
> the bacteria that made it?

NO. They are resistant againt antibiotic which made by themselves.
for example, penicillin, one of beta-lactam antibiotics which act as
a competetive inhibitor in the process of peptidoglycan synthesis.
This can be hydrolazed by b-lactamase. If a microorganism produced this
enzyme it can be resistant. Another case, if dd-peptidase which involved  
in peptidoglycan synthesis would not confuse penicillin with its real
substrate it also shows resistant.

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