Infecting pigs with Salmonella

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Wed Apr 29 13:12:46 EST 1998

In response to your question below, contact Dr. David Nisbet

nisbet at  

Also, try harvey at

We have a substantial pig salmonella program going on right 

In article <6i5s0n$2or$1 at>, a2akv at says...
>We need to infect some pigs with Salmonella chloresuis for an 
experiment. We
>inoculated them orally with a heavy dose of viable organisms (can't 
>the CFU)in PBS, but the animals showed no clinical signs. We expected 
them to
>develop acute diarrhea, but it didn't happen. We would like to know 
what we
>did wrong. Any suggestions ?
>Thank you,
>Adil Vaz
>a2akv at
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