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Postdoctoral Job Position.

An individual is sought with interests in prokaryotic physiology to study=
 a novel group of neutralophilic iron-oxidizing bacteria. The primary obj=
ectives of the research are to begin to understand the mechanism by which=
 these organisms oxidize iron.  This will involve developing assays for i=
ron oxidation for whole cells and cell extracts, identifying cell fractio=
ns where Fe oxidation is occurring, and purifying putative Fe-oxidizing e=
nzymes. The problem will also be approached using PCR-based methods to se=
arch for genes that are known to be involved in Fe oxidation in Thiobacil=
lus ferrooxidans. In addition, similar methods will be used to search for=
 genes that may be involved in CO2 fixation. Experience in biochemical an=
d molecular biology techniques is preferred; a genuine interest in prokar=
yotic biology is essential. The funding is for two years and a Ph.D is re=
quired at the time of employment. The position is set to begin immediatel=
y. The person hired will be an employee of the American Type Culture Coll=
ection. The research will be carried out in the laboratory of Dr. David E=
merson in brand new facilities at the Institute for Biosciences, Bioinfor=
matics, and Biotechnology at George Mason University and in affiliation w=
ith the ATCC in Manassas, VA. Manassas is located 25 mile SW of Washingto=
n D.C. The Washington Monument and the Applachain Trail are each less tha=
n 1 hour's drive away. Please send cover letter and resume with reference=
s to:David Emerson, MSN 4E3, IB3, George Mason University, Prince William=
 Campus, 10900 University Blvd, Manassas, VA 20110; or electronically: de=
merson at; Fax: 703 993 8401.


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