Winogradsky Columns

Martin Weiss mweiss at NYHALLSCI.ORG
Tue Aug 4 07:56:03 EST 1998

    Has anyone experience setting up Winogradsky colums using only
water? Can you get a stratified column of anerobic bacteria grwoing in a
column of  water in the same way that you can with a column of mud? I am
trying by building a small classical column, about 25% of the total
volume of the column, (using mud mixed with egg or wood chips or paper)
and the rest of the column water collected with the mud. So far, about a
week no luck.

I am hoping the colonies would be more visible and perhaps we could
sample more easily, using a thin plastic tube, used to cover fluorescent
light bulbs.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Martin Weiss, Ph.D.
Bilogy Director
New York Hall of Science

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