HELP! Need some info on some enzymes urgently !

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>This is my task. Any help at all is appreciated !
>Find and describe an example of each of the following enzymes, describing
>the reaction catalyzed, where it takes place, and where the enzyme is
	Converts 0.8 pounds into pennies (80p-ase)

	Makes a water powered laser

	Generates crossings on roads which traverse America

	A secret Russian weapon designed to undermine the American way of life

	Splits up extended families (from Kin meaning relative + ase meaning 
	split up)

>Starch Synthetase
	Found in instant mash powder

	Increaces the elivation of Suc

	Destroys hydrogen	

	Makes your hair blond

	This one never tells the truth

	There ain't no sutch animal (your teacher is having you on!)	

	Reverses the De-Carboxylase reaction

	Reverses the Carboxylase reaction

Hope this helps


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