Food and Diet Questions need answering before 8/12/98

Christa christa at
Fri Dec 4 17:15:46 EST 1998

Sorry there are lots of them, answering any would be useful. Don't be
disheartened when you look at the list, please have a go. I don't have time
to do it myself with my 4 essays I've been set. Any help appreciated.

1) Explain what is meant by an adequate and balanced diet.
2) Which organelles are the sites of protein manufacture
3) Calculate the daily protein requirements in grams per kilogram of body
weight (g kg1) for the following people and give reasons for any differences
between the groups.

Boys and girls, 0 up to 1 year
Boys and girls, 4 up to 7 years
Boys, 15 up to 18 years
Sendentary men, 18 up to 35 years
Women, 18 up to 55 years
Women during lactation

4) Look at the labels of various fatty foods and work out their P/S ratios,
e.g. olive oil, sunflower oil, sunflower margerine, butter, sardines, cheese

5) The diet in this country has changed significantly over the last 75
years. Make a list of any ways in which you think it has changed and the
reasons for the changes.

Wainting in anticipation


I am in year 12 and I need these before 8/12/98

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