Food and Diet Questions need answering before 8/12/98

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Fri Dec 4 17:22:01 EST 1998

come on theres asking for help and then there's just being lazy and getting
others to do all the work for you!

Christa wrote in message <749mji$h25$1 at>...
>Sorry there are lots of them, answering any would be useful. Don't be
>disheartened when you look at the list, please have a go. I don't have time
>to do it myself with my 4 essays I've been set. Any help appreciated.
>1) Explain what is meant by an adequate and balanced diet.
>2) Which organelles are the sites of protein manufacture
>3) Calculate the daily protein requirements in grams per kilogram of body
>weight (g kg1) for the following people and give reasons for any
>between the groups.
>Boys and girls, 0 up to 1 year
>Boys and girls, 4 up to 7 years
>Boys, 15 up to 18 years
>Sendentary men, 18 up to 35 years
>Women, 18 up to 55 years
>Women during lactation
>4) Look at the labels of various fatty foods and work out their P/S ratios,
>e.g. olive oil, sunflower oil, sunflower margerine, butter, sardines,
>5) The diet in this country has changed significantly over the last 75
>years. Make a list of any ways in which you think it has changed and the
>reasons for the changes.
>Wainting in anticipation
>I am in year 12 and I need these before 8/12/98

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