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Sat Dec 5 05:59:40 EST 1998

Dear Dr. Davis,

I am interested in the position advertized by you. I am enlsing
a copy of my CV for your consideration. If you want any other
information, you can contact me at the following emails

prasad at lion.imtech.ernet.in
gsp.imtech at excite.com

With regards

G S Prasad

Dr. Gandham S Prasad
Institute of Microbial Technology
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)
Sector - 39 A
Chandigarh - 160 036

Telephone		:	0091-172-690 908, 690 025 Ext: 549

Telefax			:	0091-172-690 585

Email			:	"prasad at koel.imtech.ernet.in"
				"gsp.imtech at mailexcite.com"

Date of Birth		:	14.08.1959

Marital status		:	Married (two kids)

Citizenship		:	INDIAN

Present position	:	Scientist -C
				Institute of Microbial Technology

Scientist Fellow	:	Institute of Microbial Technology
				(March 1992 to June 1994)

Post Doctoral    	:  	National Institute of Nutrition
Research Associate      	(Dec. 1990 to March 1992)

Research Associate      :	National Institute of Nutrition
Post Doctoral   	 	(Sept. 1990 to Nov. 1990)

Senior Research 	:  	Osmania University
Fellowship      	    	(Jan. 1987 to Dec. 1989)

Research Fellow	 	:  	Sardar Patel University
               			(July 1983 to Dec. 1986)

Research Experience	:   	FifteenYears

Research Publications	:   	(Please see enclosure - I)
				(a)	Eleven Research Papers
				(b)	One US Patent granted
				(c)	Filed three other Patents

1. Association of Microbiologists of India
2. Indian Science Congress Association

Research Fellowships Awarded :
Research Fellow	  :  	In a Project Sponsored by
               	    	University Grants Commission

Senior Research   :  	Awarded by Council of Scientific &
Fellowship      	Industrial Research

Post Doctoral     :  	Awarded by Council of Scientific &
Research Associate      Industrial Research

Post Doctoral     :  	Awarded by University Grants
Research Associate      Commission

Areas of Research :	1. Molecular phylogenetic studies
Interest                   of yeasts
             		2. Strain improvement of yeasts

B.Sc.,	Nagarjuna  	1980    Botany   	I Division
    	University		Zoology,	72.3%

M.Sc.,	Sardar Patel 	1983   	Botany          I Division
        University				69.5%

Ph.D.,  Sardar Patel   1987

	1. 	Molecular phylogenetic studies of yeasts
	2.	Strain improvement of yeasts
	3.	Extremophiles

	(a)	Molecular Cloning
	(b)	Sequencing
	(c)	Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis
	(d) 	Basic molecularl biology techniques
	(e)	Basic biochemistry techniques

"Identification and characterization species of yeast genus
Kluyveromyces using PCR amplified spacer regions of ribosomal
RNA genes" (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research;
Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India)

"Development of osmotolerant and ethanol tolerant flocculating
strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae" (Council of Scientific &
Industrail Research)

-"Pasteuer's Heritage - From molecular assymetry to infection and
 immunity  of diseases",
 Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh  (1995).

-Chandigarh Symposium on Biology,  Chandigarh (1995)

-National Academy of Sciences Conference, Chandigarh (1994)

-Chandigarh Symposium on Biology, Chandigarh (1993)

-Fungi and Biotechnology, Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar (1990)

-New Trends in Biotechnology, Osmania University, Hyderabad (1998)

-Fungal Ecology in Relation to Human Welfare, Osmania University,
 Hyderabad (1987)

-New Frontiers in Microbial Technology, Bhopal University, Bhopal(1987)

-Member, Management Council (1998-2001), Institute of Microbial

-Member, Organizing Committee of National Conference  on "Pasteur's

-Treasurer, National Conference on  "Pastuer's Heritage".

-Taxanomy and molecular biology of Actinomycetes   (1996)

-National Conference on "Pastereur's Heritage" (1995)

-Training Course on "General Microbiological Methods" (1994)

-Training Course on "Preservation of Microbes" (1993, 1997)

Names of Scientists for reference:
1. Prof. H C Dube                 2.Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti
   Head,                            Scientist - F
   Department of Life Sciences      Institute of Microbial Technology
   Bhavnagar University             Sector 39A
   Bhavnagar - 364 002. INDIA	    Chandigarh - 160 036. INDIA

3. Dr. Ramesh V Bhat		4.  Dr. R.K. Jain
   Deputy Director                  Scientist   E- II
   National Institute of            Institute of Microbial Technology
   Nutrition (NIN)		    Sector - 39 A
   Hyderabad - 500 007. INDIA	    Chandigarh - 160 036. INDIA.

			 Enclosure - I
1. Podile A R., Prasad G S., and Dube H C ., 1985. Bacillus subtilis
   as antagonist of wilt pathogens. Curr.Sci., 54: 864-865.

2. Prasad G S.,  Prabakaran K., and Dube H C., 1987.   Xylanase
   production by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.udum   Curr.Sci., 56: 830-831.

3. Podile A R., Prasad G S and Dube H C., 1987. Partial characterization
   of antagonistic principle of Bacillus subtilis AF1.
   J.Biol. Control. 1(1): 60-65.

4. Prasad G S., Podile A R and Dube H C., 1988. Immobilization of
   cell wall degrading enzymes by host and non-host plant cell walls.
   Curr.Sci., 57: 723-724.

5. Prasad G S., Podile A R., and Dube H C., 1988.  Regulation of
   xylanase synthesis and activity in Fusarium  oxysporum f.sp.udum.
   Indian Phytopath. 41: 443-449.

6. Prabakaran K., Prasad G S., and Dube H C., 1988. Effect of
   saccharides on endoglucanase synthesis by Erwinia chrysanthemi.
   Proc. Natl. Acad.Sci.(INDIA) B:  58: 443-448.

7. Dube H C., Prasad G S.,  and Podile A R., 1990.   Cell wall
   degrading enzymes of  vascular wilt fungi.  In: Perspectives
   of Mycopathological Research. Ed.S K Hasija  Today and Tomorrow
   Publications, New Delhi.  pp 155 - 163.

8. Rao R N, Prasad  G S, Sudershan R V and Bhatt R V., 1990.
   Fabrication of aflatoxin detection kit and detection of aflatoxins
   in groundnut and groundnut products. National Institute of
   Nutrition, Hyderabad, India.

9. Prasad G S., and Dube H C., 1991. The influence of host and
   non-host cell walls on the induction of cell wall degrading
   enzymes in Verticillium dahliae Indian Phytopath. 44: 91-97.

10.Sudershan R V., Prasad G S., Krishna T P and Bhat R V., 1992.
   Field level evaluation of aflatoxin detection kit. Journal
   of Food Protection 55: 392-394

11.Sasikala C H., Ramana C H V and Prasad G S., 1994. Hydrogen
   production by mixed cultures. World Journal of Microbiology
   and Biotechnology 10: 221-223

Patents Granted: (one US Patent)
1.	Mondal A K., Prasad G S and Chakrabarti T.  Strains of yeast
        Saccharomyces cerevisiae and a process for preparation of such
        strains  (US Patent Number : 5,693,526)

Patents Filed:
1.	Mondal A K., Prasad G S and Chakrabati T. A process for the
	preparation of improved strains of yeast  Saccharomyces
	cerevisiae. Application No :1728/DEL/1994

2.	Mondal A K., Prasad G S and Chakrabarti T. Novel Strains of
	yeast genus Saccharomyces, species cerevisiae and a process
	for preparation of such strains
	( Filed in UK, South Africa and Finland)
	U.K. Patent Application No: 96302227.2-2105

3.	Ganesan K, Viswamitra S, Rohini C, Indrani G, Prasad G S and
	Chakrabarti T. A process for preparation of thermotolerant
	flocculating strains of yeast. Application filed in India in
        July 1998.

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