Transposon Mutagenesis in Propionibacteria ?

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Sun Dec 6 09:23:46 EST 1998

<366A1DA6.88169144 at> El Sat, 05 Dec 1998 22:01:10 -0800, Wei Zheng dijo que:
|Does anyone have the experience to use transposon to construct a mutant
|bank in Propionibacteria sp.(ex. P. freudenreichii or P. acnes)?
|Recently I am trying to clone a gene from P. freudenreichii through
|basic genetic approaches, but the information for the genetic studies in
|Propionibacteria is very limited, and most of the published cloning
|works were based on complementation. I wonder if it is possible to
|mutagenize this bacteria with transposon. Any information is greatly
|appreciated. Thanks!
propionibacts have a trasnducer phage?

read about Phage Mu and derivates (MudJ, MudP, Mud5005, etc)

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