HELP!!!!! for a 14 year old with lots of interest

Jerome stevegim at
Sun Dec 13 18:32:53 EST 1998


	I hope you folks can help me.  The daughter of a co-worker of
mine has a great interest in Microbiology(730 on the NY  achievement
tests or something, if that means anything).   I've gotten her an old 
B&L Dynazoom(had it reconditioned) and I'd like to encourage the
interest.  Can anyone tell me where I can get some basic books (I'd
prefer some college level lab manuals with experiments she can do at
home) and some recommendations as to scientific product houses on line
so I can get the stuff she needs for the experiments in the manuals.
Also, I only got her the microscope and light source...can any of you
recommend what else I can pick up, that she might need?


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