antibiotics again...

Stefanie Greve S.Greve at
Mon Dec 14 22:27:34 EST 1998

Not long ago I tried to get an answer according to wether antibiotics
have to be produced by microorganisms in order to be called antibiotics.
But alas, there was no one there who was able and willing to give me an
accurate answer to my question. So here I come and try again.
Obviously there is a difference between an antimicrobial agent in
general and an antibiotic as penicillin or something similar. Otherwise
there would not be another name, would it? Furthermore, I would not call
lysozyme an antibiotic. Is this at least correct?
The original question referred to wether antimicrobial agents produced
by metazoae can be called antibiotics or not. 
I do not think this question is trivial, if so, please let me know - I
will immedeately stop bothering you.

Many thanks in advance

Stefanie Greve

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