HELP!!!!! for a 14 year old with lots of interest

Eric Bruntjen ebruntjen at**NOSPAM**
Tue Dec 15 18:36:11 EST 1998

The best place to look is your local university. Nearly every department
has a free book bin with stacks of outdated manuals. Just reach in and grab
an armful. If you can't find the bin ask the secretary, there are always
unused books lying around even if they don't have a bin for them.

An even better source is the Society for Amateur Scientists. This is a
fantasic organization that puts together protocols that people can do in
their own kitchens (My father, mystified by what I do for a living was able
to extract his own DNA using one of their protocols). Visit them at or call them at (619) 239-8807

Also visit

Also, you can buy the little prodigy a subscription to Scientific American.
This magazine has protocols from the Society in the back every issue.

Jerome <stevegim at> wrote in article
<36744c4c.12583589 at>...
> Hello,
> 	I hope you folks can help me.  The daughter of a co-worker of
> mine has a great interest in Microbiology(730 on the NY  achievement
> tests or something, if that means anything).   I've gotten her an old 
> B&L Dynazoom(had it reconditioned) and I'd like to encourage the
> interest.  Can anyone tell me where I can get some basic books (I'd
> prefer some college level lab manuals with experiments she can do at
> home) and some recommendations as to scientific product houses on line
> so I can get the stuff she needs for the experiments in the manuals.
> Also, I only got her the microscope and light source...can any of you
> recommend what else I can pick up, that she might need?
> Thanx,
> Steve

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