Safe Egg Nog

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Wed Dec 16 15:28:20 EST 1998

I'm sorry but I have to disagree.  
Please goto the CDC website for Salmonella at

and read all.

John R. McQuiston 
Foodborne and Diarrheal Diseases Branch
Centers for Disease Control  

>    YOu have strange fears.  Sure! bacterial contamination is one problem.
>But cooking alone may not destroy any potential bacterial toxins in the
>contaminated egg.  But such contamination is very rare in eggs and happens
>only when you buy eggs from undependable sources.  The advantages of taking
>an egg a day outweighs the risk of egg contamination.  I have been taking
>eggs all my life and never faced contaminated  eggs ( and that too in my
>country where quality control of food is virtually non-existent).  Spoiled
>eggs can easily be identified.
>   Rather adding rum/ other alcoholic drinks is more injurious to your
>health than risking an egg a day.  Moreover to completely kill any
>microrganisms in any drink, you need atleast a concentration of 12%v/v of
>alcohol. that sure may make you tipsy.
>   Too much health consciousness may also spoil your health.
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