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Dear John
    The webpage was very informative regarding salmonelosis.  I agree with
you completely regarding the harm of taking contaminated eggs.  But just
because of the fear of contamination in a very small percentage of eggs
only one in 235,000 eggs in the US may carry contamination- refer, it is very illogical to
frighten the public against taking eggs as such.  Chances of Salmonella
enteritidis contamination in eggs is only in one in 10,000 in the US
l), which is quite negligible and nothing to worry over.  Chances of AIDS is
much more than that. But that does not mean that we should be careless.
Moreover eggs are an excellent source of proteins and minerals, and thus
this source of nutrition should not be sacrificed on the altar of
overcautiousness.  That's all what i meant.
     I do agree that washing and cooking the eggs properly is presently the
only way to avoid contamination from such bacterial sources.  But even
washing eggs has also its own disadvantages, washing can sometimes aid
bacterial contamination of the eggs through the egg pores, since this opens
up the pores and provides an aqueous environment for the germs to easily
force their way in.
    For the question regarding the preparation of egg nog and other dishes
safely, it is always good to start by using commercially available
pasteurised eggs or egg substitutes to get rid of contamination.  (refer to
USDA's website on egg safety rules


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>I'm sorry but I have to disagree.
>Please goto the CDC website for Salmonella at
>and read all.
>John R. McQuiston
>Foodborne and Diarrheal Diseases Branch
>Centers for Disease Control
>>    YOu have strange fears.  Sure! bacterial contamination is one problem.
>>But cooking alone may not destroy any potential bacterial toxins in the
>>contaminated egg.  But such contamination is very rare in eggs and happens
>>only when you buy eggs from undependable sources.  The advantages of
>>an egg a day outweighs the risk of egg contamination.  I have been taking
>>eggs all my life and never faced contaminated  eggs ( and that too in my
>>country where quality control of food is virtually non-existent).  Spoiled
>>eggs can easily be identified.
>>   Rather adding rum/ other alcoholic drinks is more injurious to your
>>health than risking an egg a day.  Moreover to completely kill any
>>microrganisms in any drink, you need atleast a concentration of 12%v/v of
>>alcohol. that sure may make you tipsy.
>>   Too much health consciousness may also spoil your health.
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>>R. Jayakumar, CSIR-SRF,
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>>Madurai Kamaraj University,
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>>tel: +91-452-858464(hostel), 858471(ask for 374 to lab)
>>fax: +91-452-859105
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