Staining for Helicobacter pylori in gastric biopsy sections

dahd dahd at
Tue Dec 22 11:24:47 EST 1998

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>I work as a medical technologist in a microbiology laboratory.  Our
>pathologists send our department tissue sections to be stained with
>Gram's stain to look for the curved gram negative rods of Helicobacter
>pylori.  This method is very time consuming.  

What is time consuming- The staining or the examination of the stained
Who's responsible for examining the slide?
Also, are you aware that you can not use safranin for the counter stain,
use carbol fuchsin.  I just threw a bunch of photos out. But at least
with samples in pure culture the Gram stain with carbol fuchsin counter
stain works well.

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