Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Tue Dec 22 18:31:27 EST 1998

Gary Thomson writes,

<Does anyone have any information on this genus? We have an isolate from 
a food product which keys out as this genus on API 20E. >

You don't want THAT in your FOOD! Was your specific ID Pantoea 
agglomerans by chance? If so, that's the "new" name for The Organism 
Formerly Known As Enterobacter agglomerans. ;-) Look up the genus 
Enterobacter in your Bergey's, and E. agglomerans if that's the bug your 
ID gave you. It's a fecal coliform, which is why you don't want it in 
your food.


"A good microbiologist must always B. cereus."

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