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Wed Dec 23 23:06:28 EST 1998

karine starck <k.starck at> wrote>...
> I hope this can concern the sites I selected....
> I have a few questions relating to decontamination:
> -what are the spectrum of action of autoclaving, sodium hypochlorite and
> glutatarldehyde on:
> different microorganims (bacteria, fungi, viruses, ...)
> proteases
> DNA contaminants
> RNase
> pyrogens
> - how to get rid off this contaminants if the previous methods are not
> efficient.
> thanks to answer
> Karine Starck
See Seymour S. Block, "Disinfection, Sterilization,
and Preservation"- over 1100 pages that may answer
some of your questions in regard to microorganisms
at least. It is likely that pyrogens are the toughest
item on your list- autoclaving will have virtually zero
effect on them, but dry heat at 250 degrees C
will destroy them (and probably everything
else on your list).
Whatever decontamination procedure
you decide to use, it would be wise to test it
well if it is important to your work, and remember
not to confuse decontamination with cleaning.

-John Smith 

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