Staining for Helicobacter pylori in gastric biopsy sections

Bob Dilworth rwd at
Sun Dec 27 15:49:42 EST 1998

Staining the slide is not the problem as far as time.  We have a very heavy
workload and each slide takes 15-20 minutes to read.  If the pathologists
bring in 3-4 slides in one day, it ties up one tech for at least an hour.
We process 180-200 new specimens PER DAY in our lab and to spend this much
time on 3-4 specimens puts a crimp in our workload.

I have never heard of counter staining with carbol fuchsin.  What is the
timing involved?  Do you use regular gram stain decolorizer?  Please send me
more information if possible.  My email address is jed71du at
Thank you.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

dahd wrote:

> What is time consuming- The staining or the examination of the stained
> slide?
> Who's responsible for examining the slide?
> Also, are you aware that you can not use safranin for the counter stain,
> use carbol fuchsin.  I just threw a bunch of photos out. But at least
> with samples in pure culture the Gram stain with carbol fuchsin counter
> stain works well.

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