Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale : Information ?

Henning Baehr baehr at uni-oldenburg.de
Wed Dec 30 22:59:37 EST 1998

jean-frédéric reichardt wrote:
> I'm looking for any information about Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale. This
> bacteria appears to be a pathogen (opportunist?) in respiratoty diseases of
> turkey.

Salut Frédéric,

you should contact the Clinic for Poultry Diseases of the Hanover
Veterinary College, Hanover, Germany. They did some research in this
field and published a report concerning significance and diagnosis of
the disease (Ryll and Hinz, Comgress of the Association of Veterinary
Diagnosticians of Infectious Diseases, Langen / Germany, 1995).

Bonne chance!

Henning Baehr, Gov. Vet. Lab. Oldenburg, Germany

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