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Dear 12th std,
   Nice interests.  Microbiology is an interesting subject.  Microbiology
may be defined as the study of organisms of mciroscopic size, including
their culture, economic importance, pathogenesis etc.
    Microbiology deals with any microorganism and microorganisms are the
dominant form of life on earth.  It deals with the study and analysis of how
these microbes live and survive, how interact with one another as well as
with the environment and animals.  It also deals with studying the
benefecial effects of microbes like synthesis of drugs, medicines, proteins
and other necessities of daily life including alcoholic beverages.  It also
studies how these microbes can be utilised for the betterment of the world
in general and humanity in particular.  Microbiologists (I mean good ones),
rarely find any problem in getting jobs, since most companies like
pharmaceuticals, paper, agricultural etc., badly look out for
microbiologists.  Microbiology also closely interacts with other subjects
like molecular biology,  pathology, entomology, medicine and agriculture.
    So I think you are making a very wise decision.   The subject is indeed
very exciting.
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>I'm a student in the 12th standard and would like to Major in
>What all do we learn in Microbiology. (   Is it interesting!!???  )

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