Do microwave ovens sterilise?

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Mon Feb 2 12:39:59 EST 1998

I would think the gunky (an official scientific word) buildup on the dishes
might lead to an excellent weight loss program, you should market that idea.
It could make you rich.  Really though, Nuking the dishes before washing
would probably be a good idea if the food had spontaneously come back alive
in the fridge might not be a bad idea, however.
Shad Turner wrote in message <34d58392.6955097 at>...
>Hi. I was just wondering something. I know that some types of
>radiation (namely UV and gamma) will kill some bacteria. So I was
>wondering if a microwave oven would do the same job in sterilizing
>things to some degree? (Better than doing the dishes!)
>Thanx a lot,
>bagel at
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