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Brad Davis bhdavis at
Wed Feb 4 13:26:32 EST 1998

I'm a highschool student, trying to make a decision about what he wants
to go into in University. I've always been fascinated by disease, and
disease research ever since I can remember, so for the longest time I
thought the obvious choice for me was to go into Microbiology, or
However, I don't know if I would be able to handle animal testing. I
don't condemn animal testing, I'm just not entirely sure I would be able
to do it myself. I was wondering, if perhaps someone experienced in the
area of Microbiology could shed some light, on how much animal testing I
would be involved in, if I went for a career in Microbiology (I know
this seems very premature, but I do hope to go onto a MSc and a PhD in
whatever field of science I go into, so I want to know what I may be
getting myself into, before I get myself into it). The main reason for
this, is I'm also extremely interested in Biological Chemistry, and from
what I've gathered from Chemist I know personally, although there is
some animal testing in Chemistry, the amount of animal testing seems to
be minimal.

Any information anyone could provide me on this topic, would be greatly,
greatly, apperciated.

Brad Davis.

bhdavis at
UIN - 819192

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