Help me, please...

Fred & Rachel Brusseau rbruss at
Wed Feb 4 09:36:39 EST 1998

Hi Brad,

    I'm a senior at a University getting a degree in Biology. I've taken
basic microbiology, and we did no animal testing. My experience with
micro is you do most of your tests with agar.
    I do think it depends on the school, and the instructor. Each person
has their opinion on animal testing. My general biology teacher did no
animal "testing" although we did dissect preserved fetal pigs. Another
general biology professor dissected live rats so students could see the
heart beat. (They "pithed" the rat so it had no feeling, but it's heart
was beating for about 2 hours after the chest cavity was opened.)
    I think animal research is helpful when necessary. People need to
weigh the animals suffering against the lesson that can be learned.


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