The Method of System Isolation of Phage From Bacteria ( especially myxobacteria ) NEEDED!!!

lab of MYXO lilab at
Thu Feb 5 03:09:14 EST 1998

Can any one tell me the method to isolate phages from bacteria,
especially from myxobacteria? I have find a paper, but it is old and I
can not find the just volume in my department library. It is on the
Virology,88:44-53.(1978). I have tried many ways, but can not get it
Can any one tell me the method or email or mail me the paper?
Thanks for your time in advance!
Sincerely yours,
Li Jian 
Li Jian
State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology
Department of Microbiology, Life Science College
Shandong University
Jinan 250100, P.R.China 

Email: lilab at

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