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Sat Feb 7 08:46:55 EST 1998

Bob Liparulo wrote in message ...
>I recently read an novel that contained this line: "The virus should be
>stored at a constant six degrees centigrade, the ideal temperature for
>keeping the virus static, neither dying nor growing."
>Does this make sense? Can viruses be made "static" in that sense? At that
>temerature? How ARE viruses stored for research?
>If you can help me understand this subject more, please e-mail me. Thank
>liparulo at    <- please email meI Work in the Virology Department of
a hospital in the UK.
For short term storage 4 to 6 degrees centigrade  is fine as it stops the
cells the virus in replicating and so decreases virus deterioration. But
viruses can not divide on there own thus can not be said to be static.

For longer term storage most viruses last better at -70 centigrade, or even
in liquid nitrogen. Many viruses can even be freeze dried.

I hope this answers you question.

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