I'm sorry

Gmeister gmeister at pacific.net
Tue Feb 10 03:12:14 EST 1998

	I'm going to apologize right now for asking my questions here since I know
that it's not the right place to post them, necessarily, but I can't seem
to locate an equivalent chemistry group that compares to this one.
	Anyway, here goes.

	We performed a lab in class in which we disassociated ferrous sulfate in
0.001 M sulfuric acid and added an indicator; 1, 10 phenanthroline to form
a complex between the phenanthroline (C12 H8 N2 - hope you can understand
this notation) and the aqueous iron ion.
	We also placed an unknown concentration of NaOH in another indicator,
bromophenol blue (C19 H10 Br4 O5 S).  There's a problem in that we were not
given the concentration of the NaOH, but that should be able to be figured
out using Beer's Law.  It was also necessary to use the Merck Index to
estimate the initial concentration of the bromophenol blue using the
standard solution listed.
	Both of these reactions were placed in a spectrophotometer and the
reaction was analyzed using Beer's Law and the spectrophotometric
measurements taken.
	My question is in regards to a value the instructor wishes us to find, but
he was nice enough not to give us a clue what it is.  He referred to it as
the absorbtivity factor, and I've been unable to find it in any reference
books and/or textbooks.
	If anyone can answer this question, or hopefully at least refer me to a
newsgroup that is more appropriate, I would be very grateful.

		Thanks so much.

		 Michael Gan

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