Help!!! Bacillus spores clinging to cells.

Thomas J. Dougherty, Ph.D. Thomas_J._Dougherty at
Thu Feb 12 20:34:45 EST 1998

pjh wrote:
> First of all, I am a researcher who is employing to strain improvement
> for amino acid producing bacteria, especially brevibacterium and
> coryneform bacteria.
> During the course of strain improvement, I was faced a problem about
> bacillus contamination. I don't know on the accurate species of the
> bacillus.
> I have been trying to work out this problem.
> I was investigated where the bacillus comes from and get a clue for
> further progress.
> What I am saying is that the bacillus as a contaminant is come along
> with our cells.
> I mean those bacillus were  found in our cells even though our cells
> were in the state of colony form.
> From these observations, I assume that the bacillus  were clinging to
> cell wall components of my cells as spores. So these spores to
> clinging to cells were grew rapidly during subculture despite
> seeding(innoculation) of single colony.
> To make long story short,
> As you know from above statements, I deadly want to separate or remove
> spores from my cells. So if you have any ideas to solve the  problem,
> or  if you know any expert on the characteristics of bacillus let me
> know please.
> sincerely yours.

Did you look under the microscope?  You should be able to tell if their
are spores clinging to your organisms.  I think it highly unlikely that
you have spores attached to all your cells.  Instead, I would check your
autoclave to make sure it is functioning properly.  Do you get colonies
appearing on uninoculated plates that are incubated?  That would
indicate spores in your media not being killed off due to autoclave

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