DNA and errors

Gustavo Denarde Nogueira gutodnog at unincor.br
Thu Feb 12 06:25:47 EST 1998

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>Jay Mone' wrote:
>> Rob,
>> DNA polymerase has an inherent error rate of approximately 10-8, while
>> RNA polymerase has an error rate of approx. 10-4.  A large part of the
>> difference is due to the lack of prrofreading ability by RNA pol.  DNA
>> pol has the ability to check newly synthesized DNA.  If the DNA pol
>> detects an error, it can back track, excise the error, and correct it.
>> RNA pol lacks this ability.
>> Jay Mone'
>Doesn't it depend on which DNA polymerase you're talking about?
>Mesophilic, thermophilic, and conditions employed?

Yes, it depends on the type I or III, and from the organism it was taken.
There are some commercial types that don't have proofreading too.

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