Help!!! Bacillus spores clinging to cells.

Phil jorge2 at
Sat Feb 14 13:11:31 EST 1998

pjh wrote:
> First of all, I am a researcher who is employing to strain improvement
> for amino acid producing bacteria, especially brevibacterium and
> coryneform bacteria.
> During the course of strain improvement, I was faced a problem about
> bacillus contamination. I don't know on the accurate species of the
> bacillus.
> I have been trying to work out this problem.
> I was investigated where the bacillus comes from and get a clue for
> further progress.
> What I am saying is that the bacillus as a contaminant is come along
> with our cells.
> I mean those bacillus were  found in our cells even though our cells
> were in the state of colony form.
> From these observations, I assume that the bacillus  were clinging to
> cell wall components of my cells as spores. So these spores to
> clinging to cells were grew rapidly during subculture despite
> seeding(innoculation) of single colony.
> To make long story short,
> As you know from above statements, I deadly want to separate or remove
> spores from my cells. So if you have any ideas to solve the  problem,
> or  if you know any expert on the characteristics of bacillus let me
> know please.
> sincerely yours.

Do you mean simple streaking techniques fail to separate these
microorganisms?  There would seem to be many more reasonable phenomena
than the stick of spores to your cells - poor technique, atmospheric
contamination, autoclave problems.

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