Postdoc or research position wanted!

Sergi Maicas i Prieto Sergi.Maicas at
Mon Feb 16 10:10:51 EST 1998

To all list participants,

I am finishing my PhD write up and soon I will be available for a new
job. I would greatly appreciate any contacts regarding employment
opportunities in the LAB and/or industrial microbiology field in Europe
(mainly Spain).

In addition, Spanish grants for PhD have been recently launched
funds for postdoctoral research positions. Then, I am looking for
groups working in these topics to join them.

I have worked for the past 6 years on malolactic fermentation in wine
with Oenococcus oeni (formerly Leuconostoc oenos).
I have studied carbohydrate metabolism, new methods for malolactic
fermentation, strain screening and viability assessment.

I have also worked with bench scale fermentation from batch to
culture including immobilized and non proliferating cells.

If anyone has any employment leads or suggestions, I would greatly
appreciate hearing from you.

I can be contacted at this E-mail address or +34-6-3983145 until PhD
discussion (May 1998).

After that, at;

TEL; +34-29-688968


Sergi Maicas
Departament de Microbiologia (Universitat de Valencia)
Dr Moliner, 50. Burjassot (SPAIN), E-46100
TEL: +34-6-3983145  FAX: +34-6-3864372

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