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Fri Feb 20 18:29:07 EST 1998

Hello everyone,

I'm very curious about a bacterium I identified today. I ran this gram 
negative, oxidase positive rod on Vitek and API 20NE. The Vitek ID result 
was 87% non-fermenting gram-negative bacillus (asaccharolytic)/4% Vibrio 
alginolyticus. The API 20NE (48-hour incubation) result was Oligella 
urethralis. This organism was isolated as a media contaminant from a BBL 
TSA contact plate, BTW.

Never having heard of Oligella urethralis, I proceeded to look it up in 
Bergey's, only to find that "Oligella" was not listed. However, there was 
a *Moraxella* urethralis, and in light of the numerous genus 
reclassifications of late, I read about that instead. 

The description given for M. urethralis (short plump rods, CO+, usually 
catalase positive) - I did a catalase test on "mine" and it is weakly 
catalase positive; does not produce acid from carbohydrates - sounded 
"close enough" to the observations/results I had for "my" bug that it 
caused me to consider that Oligella urethralis was originally classified 
as Moraxella urethralis. I queried several colleagues on this. Only one 
of them had even heard of Oligella, and she couldn't answer my question.

Do any of you know?   If you want more detailed information concerning 
the specific Vitek/API results, just ask. I made copies in the event of 
this. I think it's also interesting that on Vitek, MLT was negative, 
whereas on the API, MLT was positive. Would anyone be able to explain 
this discrepancy as well? And, is this organism pathogenic?

Thank you for your help.


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