normal flora and the immunity

fpagotto at fpagotto at
Sat Feb 21 15:52:05 EST 1998

On 21 Feb 1998, tan poh ewe wrote:

> Hello there, I was wondering, anything foreign to our body will
> automatically stimulate our immune system to produce antibodies, what about
> the normal flora in our body?
actually, no.  Not everything foreign will induce antibody production.
This would be too taxing (energy wise) for the body and it actually
doesn't make sense to make antibodies to everything.

> The normal flora to a certain extend help stimulate the immune system but
> is this a continuous process or will the level decrease with time so that
> our body finally no longer recognise it as foreign?
> If the stimulation is continuous, does that mean that the normal flora is
> constantly undergoing phagocytosis and destroyed in our body?
> Thanking you in advance.

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