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John H. goo at epix.net
Mon Feb 23 10:04:26 EST 1998

Yersinia wrote in message <199802202330.SAA02962 at pop.cybernex.net>...
>The description given for M. urethralis (short plump rods, CO+, usually 
>catalase positive) - I did a catalase test on "mine" and it is weakly 
>catalase positive; does not produce acid from carbohydrates - sounded 
>"close enough" to the observations/results I had for "my" bug that it 
>caused me to consider that Oligella urethralis was originally classified 
>as Moraxella urethralis. I queried several colleagues on this. Only one 
>of them had even heard of Oligella, and she couldn't answer my question.

The "Moraxella-like" Moraxella urethralis was renamed Oligella 
urethralis (around 1987). Oligella urethralis can be pathogenic, 
typically isolated from urine - (usually penicillin sensitive), 
and is commonly misidentified.

John Hegarty

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