Help!!! Bacillus spores clinging to cells.

Umnarj Paeratakul umnarj at
Mon Feb 23 07:27:01 EST 1998

> > I mean those bacillus were  found in our cells even though our cells
> > were in the state of colony form.
> > From these observations, I assume that the bacillus  were clinging to
> > cell wall components of my cells as spores. So these spores to
> > clinging to cells were grew rapidly during subculture despite
> > seeding(innoculation) of single colony.
> >
> > To make long story short,
> > As you know from above statements, I deadly want to separate or remove
> > spores from my cells. So if you have any ideas to solve the  problem,
> > or  if you know any expert on the characteristics of bacillus let me
> > know please.
> >
> > sincerely yours.

Pardon me for jumping into this discussion.
Could you prove your point that - the bacillus spores
cling to your bacteria - by steaming or boiling 
your "Brevibacterium" culture and plate them on the 
suitable medium.

The endospore of Bacillus should remain viable, while 
your Brevibacterium would die.  Now you will have 
the "pure" culture of your contaminanat.  You could 
characterize the bug in details and find a selective
medium to inhibit its growth, while not affecting
the Brevibacterium very much.

Just my two cents.
umnarj at

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