Graham Shepherd muhero at
Tue Feb 24 16:49:54 EST 1998

Look at the normal levels of some common analytes in blood and compare them
with the levels in CSF. The differences exist because of the blood-brain
barrier. You could also look at the dosage levels for antibiotics when
administered intrathecally as opposed to intravenously. That should give you
a clue to what might happen if you removed the barrier.


shelleyan wilson wrote in message <6cuiok$cojk at>...
>i need a little help on this question, that i got in class.
>would a substance that destroy the integrity of the blood
>brain-barrier be dangerous? also, could you explain to me why it would
>or would not be dangerous.
>your help would be kindly appreciate.
>thank you.
>shelleyan wilson

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