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Sat Feb 28 10:38:56 EST 1998

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Fred & Rachel Brusseau  <rbruss at> wrote:
>I don't know if anyone read the post regarding a "Senior Lab Tech"
>posted within the last day or two? Was $24,000 a year a misprint!?? Is
>that what people with masters degrees in biology get??!! I was making $
>25,000 a year as a secretary before I quit my job, and started the
>4-year struggle to obtain my Bachelors in Biology. This May when I
>graduate what can I make? 15,000 a year??? I went to school so I can
>have a job I enjoy, but I expected equal if not better pay. Will someone
>please enlighten me. What is standard starting pay? (And how will it
>change over time?)
That looks like reality:(....Can you immagine you couldnt get that 25K job
because lots of people looking for job and some are willing to work


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