Microbial communication?

LouPass loupass at aol.com
Thu Jan 8 18:39:49 EST 1998

Hi there,  you might want to try looking up quorum-sensing, bacterial
autoinducers, bacterial pheromones, or myxobacteria to start.  There are many
signals used by microbes both pro-and eukaryotic.  Bacteria can use a number of
both peptide and non-peptide molecules which you will  discover if you research
the clues I gave above.  A number of eukaryotes use peptides and cyclic
nucleotides to start you off.  Look up dictyostelium discoideum or slime molds
to start.  If you use any of the key words I mentioned (which by no means are
an exhaustive list) you should have some success.  Try looking for review
articles first to orient yourself and as a source of references and key words
to follow.  Good luck

Lou Passador
Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology
Univ. of Rochester
Rochester NY.

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