bacteria used in laundry detergent

Abramo Ottolenghi aottolen at
Tue Jan 20 15:01:36 EST 1998

>> i just read some scientific journalism (by tachibana takashi) on
>> the technology/science behind this laundry detergent "Attack".
>> 1. i got the impression that the main innovation behind "Attack"
>>         was the bacteria used in it.  is this not true?
>> 2. do non-Japanese laundry detergents use similar
>>         micro-biological technology?
>Subtilisin is the proteolytic enzyme derived from the common bacteria
>"Bacillus subtilis".  It has been used in many enzyme-based detergents in
>Australia for a number of years.  Advantages- attack protein-based stains
>such as food & blood; disadvantages - will be destroyed by very hot water.

Also may cause alergic reactions if not completely rinsed off.

A. Ottolenghi

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