DEFT method-applying lab instruments

Kim Dong shik kdshik72 at
Thu Jan 22 00:17:25 EST 1998

Alexandra Steven wrote:
> In article <34C595B4.1115 at>,
> kdshik72 at wrote:
> > Is there anyone who knows or has experience lab instruments using this
> > DEFT method?
> > I would like to know:
> > 1. What kind of instrumens
> You need an epi-flurorescence microscope - that is one where the light
> shines down from above not up through the slide as you have a filter on
> the slide. plus of course the filters - which are expensive and a filter
> holder eg swinex and acridine orange which is toxic.
> > 2. Specific applications
> Anywhere a rapid accurate count is needed that differentiates living and
> dead cells eg boutique brewery
> > 3. Experience
> I demonstrate the technique to my students and it is easy to distinguish
> yeasts & bacteria using a mixed culture but I haven't had to do it in the
> field.
> Vicki

Dear Vicky,

Thanks for your answer. Do you or does anybody have names of instruments
(or manifacturers) using the DEFT method?


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