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Damian Bond at
Tue Jan 27 16:26:04 EST 1998

I do not know about sea food, but there are levels being discussed in red
meat. Levels below log 3 are considered clean. Between log 3 and log 6 are
borderline. Anything above log 7 are considered contaminated. The rationale
is that the most likely contamination is faecal splatter during slaughter
and evisceration. If it is coliforms (faeces) the primary contaminant will
be coliforms. At levels in excess of log 7, there is a risk that the
coliform present could include 0157 or other VTECH serotypes. Don't ask me
for the justification - talk to the FSIS.


Jona Tan S Y wrote in message ...
>Need some help over here. The total count (cfu/g) in seafood that is safe
>for  consumption cannot exceed the limits of...?!? Anyone?!? Thanz in
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