Vladimir Pavloutsky.A at relcom.ru
Mon Jun 1 08:12:26 EST 1998

Hi, I'm Vladimir Goloubev.

I am a representative of interests of Olga Solomacha (Ph.D. of biology) is
an inventor and owner of a patent on the vaccine against Necrobacterios
(for BlackLeg mainly) of cattle, pigs, etc.

We are searching for serious distributors and retailers in all countries
for this vaccine.

A special feature of the vaccine is that is prepared from antigens are
discharged when destructing of capsule of microbe cell. For the present the
vaccine has been produced at only one bio-plant in Russia.

More than six millions heads of cattle and pigs in Russia and CIS
(ex-USSR) were processed (it was a preventive treatment) from 1993
to 1998 years. Efficiency of employment of the vaccine is 99,7%.

Hope to see your interest!

Kind regards,
Vladimir Goloubev

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