HELP!? IgY Extraction, what goes wrong?

silvis_r at silvis_r at
Thu Jun 4 07:33:21 EST 1998

Hello, i need some help with IgY extraction from egg yolk.

I got a tip from someone to put the egg yolk overnight at 4 degr Centigrade
in Phosphate bufferd salt (PBS). the following morning i added 3,5% of PEG
6000 to remove any unwanted lipoproteens and other proteens. After
centifugion at 5000 G at 30 min i got the wanted sediment. I than added 12%
PEG 6000 to the supernatant and swong it around at 5000 G for 30 min at
first, i got no result so i have put it back at 12000 G 30 min., still i have
no result.

What went wrong, why doesn't my IgY form a sediment, i have a turbid

Tanx for your help

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