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Joan Evans j.evans at
Mon Jun 8 03:50:16 EST 1998

This week (June 8, 1998), The Science Advisory Board
( will begin a new study measuring
satisfaction with the customer service and technical support offered by
life science vendors.  The availability of responsive, helpful and
knowledgeable service and support is a major factor in the success of
one’s research.  The efficiency and effectiveness with which service and
support are delivered, however, can vary greatly from vendor to vendor. 
The results of this study will be used by industry to improve their
service and support departments to better meet the needs and
expectations of the life sciences community.

The Science Advisory Board is an online panel of more than 3,400
scientists, physicians and other medical professionals from 64
countries.  The Board convenes electronically to participate in online
surveys and focus groups to voice their opinions on a wide variety of
topics related to new research products and emerging technologies.

If you would like to participate in this, or future studies, please
complete the registration form which can be found at  Your identity and individual responses are
always held in strict confidence, and participants are compensated for
their time.

Joan Evans
Membership Secretary
The Science Advisory Board

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