Workshop announcement : The use of fluorescent probes and cytometry in microbiology

Gerhard Nebe-v.Caron Gerhard.Nebe-von-Caron at
Mon Jun 8 11:35:33 EST 1998

Workshop as part of the summer conference of the Society of Applied
Microbiology, Lancaster, UK, 13-16 July 1998 in collaboration with the
Cytometry Group of the Royal Microscopical Society.

The use of fluorescent probes for the detection, differentiation and
viability assessment of bacteria based on direct cytometric single cell
analysis and their correlation with culture techniques.

The workshop will give a survey of cytometric techniques that are
available for the detection and characterisation of microbial cells.
Different types of instrumentation and labeling will be presented and
compared to one another and to classical culture-based methods.
Advantages and drawbacks or limitations of the techniques for certain
applications will be discussed.

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